Blender material nodes Texturing

Blender material nodes Texturing


Blender material nodes explained by Daniel Kraft


A good technique to figure out what a node does is to select a node and play with the parameters.



3 Different Quick Effective TEXTURING TECHNIQUES - Hunting Knife - Blender 2.8 using nodes




He explains the nodes, and values.  The part I liked was how he explains dimension very clearly.  Now I know how to use this shader.


He describes which nodes to use and why.  Even better, he adds nodes like the colorramp and says why to use that.  Makes a great scratches Tutorial.


Very good procedural nodes videos.  You learn a lot about what to use and groups.

Texturing for Beginners: Top 14 Ways to Mix Textures and Shaders (in Blender) - YouTube

He lists several ways to Texture in blender. Very informative.  Important he goes over how to make

A mask, how to paint on the mask, and how to use that to add grunge etc.

He adds an Image texture as grunge by using the Texture coordinate with generated, mapping, , image texture with box mode, a color ramp to control the amount attached to the fac of  a mix rgb for color. Add a second uv map which is very useful for decals. Use uv node connect to image texture -- how to mix texture techniques (Important to easily place decals)


5 Must Know Tips With Bump/Normal Maps (Blender 2.8) • Creative Shrimp Tips on bumps and normal maps How to bake a normal map


Excellent tutorial showing how to animate a Glowing .Transformation effect. If you think of the shaders as masks, you can understand what he's doing in this video easier.  He uses the gradient node and a noise node as a mask for the transition.  He uses a color ramp to make the lighting effect at the edge.  The mask is controlled by an empty.



Top Blender Shader Tricks from Nodevember 2019 ft. Simon Thommes - YouTube    Skip this video until you have a good grasp of nodes.   These are advanced math stuff.  Very interesting to see what you could do with nodes. This tutorial is more of an idea type of video.


Highlighting edges for grudge maps and dirty maps - useful. --  texturing - adding realism


Worn edges node  tutorial.  Very interesting.adding realism on the edges.  There are several ways to do this.


Creating a rust texture using nodes