Helpful Blender Tips

Helpful Blender Tips

Videos with great blender tips.


Theree is some good wisdom in these type of tips. General ideas about learning blender, most important is to apply the youtube tutorials as you watch them. Try to recreate the tutorial in blender.  Especially node setups. Save materials in the material library. (they need to fix the Material Library it’s confusing, hopfully the asset manager is better)



Watch these videos after you watchsome  beginner videos. Such as interface, modeling, etc.

CgBoost has great tips that are easy to understand and very helpful.


Daniell Kraft explains This video a lot of great tips for speeding up your workflow in blender.  I like how he explains quickly how to do things in blender.


Even more tips by the Daniel Krafft  Great ideas and tips in blender.

Some More tips.  Very useful stuff.


More tips by Daniel He talks about 200 tips quickly.

Some great tips that speed up modeling  Shift and numpad to align with a normal is awesome, so helpful for objects that are rotated not with world space.


Helpful Tips

Press / key in object mode to show only the active object, Great for tweaking a part of a bigger object.

Undo History is now in the edit menu.  Great for multiple undo

For slow computers:  Click on the wireframe on the main large scenes.  Click the  / key, Change viewport to rendered or material preview to work on a single object.   When done, change back to wireframe and click the / key, This is a tip for slow computers.

Use the . period key on the numpad to center an object  Or shift c to show the whole scene.  Use in perspective mode.

The Material Library is weird.  If you apply to several objects.  But what if you want to make one object slightly different, like a color.  You have to select your object,  On the right top click the document icon thing, (hover and it says new material)  And it will add a .001 to your object. Now you can edit the material individually.  The work flow should be, apply material, then click a new material icon.  If you don't modify the material, it's saved to the library automatically.

If you are using two monitors, You can use new window, (next to render) to better see your 3d viewport and say graph editor.

2 monitors is much better than one for 3d.

Level Of Detail  - This is very important, this allows you to do more complicated scenes on your computer faster for bigger scenes don't skip this tip.

Several tips about render size, denoising, Critics, Name your objects, Upgrading your hardware (Simple says don't if you don't need to),  Manage your Project files (Make a folder with your objects, textures, and whatever else in one folder.), Stick with it. (Don't give up)


How to fix sci fi modeling mistakes -Intermediate


Add a second uv map which is very useful for decals. add uv node connect to image texture open image


General Tips

This person has the idea that you can add depth to your glows.  The video is not in blender but you can replicate the process in blender using a gradient and color ramp nodes.



Misc helpful links

blender hotkey sheet - Google Drive