Helpful Programs

Helpful Programs

There are other programs out there that are just as powerful as Blender


Other Programs Helpful Websites:


Materialize  allows you to make an diffuse or image bump or normal map.  Very useful for turning your images into pbr materials.


ArmorPaint is like substance Painter for free. ($20?) He has a link to github that might still be free.   --   free studio quality editing software with compositing  Davinci resolve -  UNreal is the premiere game engine that's bleeding into the 3d visual effects world with real time abilities and quality assets using Megascans.


Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D VR & AR Engine -- Unity is the runner up for game engines and seems to be used more for mobile app development.


Boris FX | Particle Illusion -- stand alone particle generator - its an older thing but it has some nice presets if your not interested in using a 3d software.  I can see using it for some effects works done for editing jobs. -- Hub for all the amazing characters and outfits - render in daz comp in the bgs - posing in this program is the best i’ve seen so far - why can’t other 3d software pose this easily.   Uses iray to render which uses gpu as well as cpu!!   Characters can be exported to blender. -- VFX blog site -  industry news. (nice site)


3D and 4D Technology Market by Solution Type, End-use Application | COVID-19 Impact Analysis | MarketsandMarkets™  -- want to know where 3d and animation is going - check out this marketing info site to help you make business decisions using 3d and animation.


LW - Community  Lightwave blog