Ceiling Fixture

Ceiling Fixture

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I made this image by following this tutorial.

ceiling fixture



I used this tutorial here, 



First, I used a half sphere to make the dome part.   Then I made a basic shape for the base by making an outline using extrude and vertex points and using the screw modifier.  Then I mad the tip in the same way. I then used the sculpt feature of blender and some brushes to make the ornate part of the object.  In the above video, you use the radial section, and increase the number of copies around the radius. Sculpt is nice because you can precisely place your brush where you want it.

test of the sculpting brush




Here is the base. I found a brushed metal texture, like the one I have in my place, and thought gold might look nicer.

first attempt


So it's important to get the texture right.  I found a nice gold texture online that replaced the brushed metal texture I thought looked so so.  I found a foil leaf gold texture that was much better on blend kit.  My first attempt to have the light fixture on.




The final image at the top of the page, has a more realistic amount of light.

You can get this Object on Blenderkit, or cgtrader. 



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