Product Models and Animation

Product Models and Animation


Derek makes awesome product tutorials.  If you want to make a product animation and need to model some products, he has the best Tutorials.

This tutorial shows you how to model, texture and animate these cosmetics. 



Derek made a tutorial on Wine bottles.



This video is animating the Wine bottles.  Very Slick Animation skills.


Create a package


A nice way to reveal your products


One of my favorite Tutorials because he Shows how to Model, Texture and Animate a How to make a Product video - He goes over how to use an audio file in Blender and how to sync up your animation to the music.  He uses modifiers to model the phone too.  He makes an awesome phone commercial. He also shows how to use a shape key to animate the slide button.   He has a camera tip to put separate cameras into collections so he can easily modify his shots.  (Check out the multi camera Video first.  The newer version of blender has helpful markers on the timeline.)

He shows you how to make a phone, and animate the phone, and some lighting for the shots.

If you need great sounds for your Product animation, click here.

Here is a phone video from Hawai.  This video shows a good example of a phone commercial.  I think you could use front projection mapping to achieve the effect.


A great way to show your products, like a car (This Video is also in the camera section.)

 Use Auto Key to record Camera movement,  Use G to follow the ground, Afterwards In graph editor Use the Smooth Keys   Alt - O   and Sample Keyframes shift +alt + o  Several times, (hold down the shortcut keys) (Great Alternative and fast Workflow for a Quick Camera Move) What a great Tip, thanks.