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2 weeks 5 days ago
With this character, my main goal was to convey all of the details of the concept. Since the design for this character was created by one of my favorite artists - Cory Loftis, I wanted to delve into what artistic decisions he makes.  One of the biggest discoveries for me in this work was how important it is to add color variations and gradients to every element of the character. This brings the work to life and integrates all the elements of the character into a coherent picture. You can also find this work on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RnYeZE

Crystal Ship

2 weeks 6 days ago
I’ve been quite busy with work but despite all, I was able to spare some time and work on my personal artwork called "Crystal Ship", Finally! which is inspired by the "Breaking Bad" series. It all started with quick blocking and turned into long weeks of modeling, texturing, rendering, figuring things out, and adding details. I wanted to create something mixed between the van and the Sci-fi style of building and try to find a great way to present this masterpiece, but I kept the icon"vehicle " as I loved it in the show. One of its main purposes was to get more used to Redshift and to discover the boundaries of my big-scene workflow when working inside a GPU-based environment. 4K quality https://i.imgur.com/My0tMRi.jpg

2318:Rebirth, Part 6.

3 weeks ago
Maya, Photoshop. Finally I had some time to do some personal stuffs 🙂 hope I can continue it soon. Colorgrading with the one and only Filmconvert
2 hours 3 minutes ago
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