How to make Cables

How to make Cables

Cables are easy in 2.93 version of blender.


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This is great.  Cables seem very easy now in blender. Oct 2021a

He adds a Bezier curve, and on the right side, Clicks the draw bezier icon, and increases the depth (the thickness of the cable) under bevel. He selects draw, and enable surface button. He selects active tool, (top icon on the right) and changes the offset to 1.  Then draws the shapes of the cables.  You can extrude the curve, and change the curve handles.  You can drag the ends of the curves into objects to attach them.  There might be away to also change the shape of the tube also, I saw a target field, but wasn't able to select an object, if anyone knows how to make ribbed cables using this method, leave a comment below.


Plugins, He uses the cablerater plugin.  He uses something called a trim sheet for the texture they are selling.
Geometrynodes can also do this type of cable, checkout the bagapie plugin, (free at the time of writing this.) to automatically add segments to a bezier curve.



This is the old way of making cables, but shows how to do multiple cables also.  Also the above seems to be much more automated so I think that supercedes this way of making cables.  Good to know both styles though.  He makes a braided wire.



This is probably the hardest to do, just make some cables without bezier curves.  His wiremesh is good. 


Makes some cables of different types, and a cool little timer thing.

He puts objects over the cables and slides them around.  What a great technique.