Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, some places to find this:

Google images Use keywords such as Concept art, or Blender art, cg art, Spaceships etc.

Bing Images Use keywords such as Concept art, or Blender art, cg art, Spaceships etc.  is one of my favorite Blender sites.  Great Beginner tutorials and Intermediate Tutorials.  They have a challenge section that is a gallery of Art, beginner and expert images. has lots of images on just about anything.


Zach from CGboost has been very inspirational to me, and it's interesting to see his journey.  The wisdom he shares is invaluable. Practice makes perfect.


Inspiring videos of people just absolutely pushing the boundaries.

Very nice sci fi scene.

Wow, I just love the subtle texture on the panels, like you would see on a battleship, the dimpling.  The exhaust was all wrong though, everything else looked so great.


Blenders ShowReels



Ian Huburt-- Absolutely pushing the boundaries in excedingly amazing stuff.  Put a lot of simple stuff together to get amazing results - Hence my idea for Tutorial Recipes.

Great CG


Cg thats inspiring


Miyazaki Tribute — Interesting style to think about.  Could be something to do as a style.  I really like how he used mpegs from the dvds and mapped them on the planes.   You could also map in live action too.  (Or using the compositor) A good Short animation showing how you can integrate 2d elements with 3d elements.


Looks like this school is good.  Their Students show good technique.  Doing little skits like this with Audio from your favorite movie is a great way to practice Animation skills.

These have some really good cg, some in other programs, but inspirational for sure.  Look for the video with all 2400 entries.  (And try to notice why some are better than others)