Featured Artist

Jacqueline Cooper has turned her talents towards UNREAL and helping others learn!

I met Jacqueline on a my facebook compositing group, and have been keeping track of her rise as an UNREAL engine 5 teacher.  She's also done a fair amount of VFX work in the industry as well.


Ken Mayes is creating Star Trek Fan Stories in Great depth and detail using Blender!

interior of the shimanoKen Mayes a texan Blender user is creating entire Fan fiction short stories using blender. He's written and created static visuals for his short story titled "Rescue of the Albatros".

Steve Clarke is creating stunning CGI visuals!
mechLets welcome Steve Clarke to Digitaltreats.com - He's been creating some amazing CGI of some fan favorites like the last star fighter and mecha vs dino's. 
João Antunes Jr. is creating cyber punk imagery, and its blowing peoples minds!


Featured Artists

FeaturedArtistsFeatured artists from around the world will be showing their Artwork here.

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