A good description of all the Compositing nodes



Using Cryptomatte for compositing. (uses cycles) The ultimate Render pass.


A good reason to use render passes,  My brother has worked on several animated shows and films and used RenderPasses in Lightwave for years and Used Digital Fusion for the Compositing.  Blender has 3d and Compositing in one program.  Render passes are easy to use in Blender, Dylan goes over what Passes to use and why.  Very informative.


He talks about how and why to use Render Passes


wild tricks for greenscreen - Good video


Ian shows whats possible with Motion Tracking, compositing, and 3d elements. Inspirational.  The sci fi train, and sci fi elements define the mood of the scene. 


More of his lazy tuts which are quick ways to make useful things like flags and banners waving.  Super quick to make.


He makes a very realistic scene and uses an actor with green screen.  He uses Mega scans which I think help make his work really shine.  (Subscription if used in blender, free in Unreal)
He talks about how he created the scene, and some of the node setup for the textures. (He shows how to make a wood texture)  He doesn't show how he has the green screen directly in blender but that's possible using the compositor