Fund your Projects

Fund your Projects

Here are some links to some videos that talk about Funding your projects.


Work a job and use your savings to get a Fast computer with a fast graphics card and buy plugins that save you time. 


This website has not only a video about funding, but other film making techniques also.  Most of them paid.


Make a Pateron Page and market your goals.  People do donate to projects they like.

Make a buy me a coffee page, so you can have a coffee while you do your project.

Sell stuff on ebay, or letgo.  Get rid of the junk in your house and turn them into plugins to make your 3d life easier.




Get a grant.  There are grants out there for art projects.  If anyone knows of any please email me.  My email is at the bottom of the page.

Invest in stocks and use the money you make to fund your project.  (That's a totally different skill set.  Invest in stocks you know like apple, nvidia.  Stay away from penny stocks or stocks where you don't know how the company makes money. 

Invest in bitcoin?  My brother said to invest 10 years ago, but hind sight is 20/20.  There are like 20 bitcoin like copy cats, none of them I would invest in.




Start a company and get funding from investors.  Obviously as an artist this is quite hard.  Running a company requires a different part of your brain. 

Create Youtube videos of your shorts, and also Tutorials.

Get sponsors like skillshare and other 3d companies.   CGboost has many because they have really good tutorials.





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