Cg Process Concepts

Cg Process Concepts

Things you need to do or get for Great CG


What do do before you open a 3d program like BLender

Get ideas for your image. Check out artbreeder and ai powered image generator that uses sliders to iterate the image.

What file format to save in


Get Assets

Buy or Make Models

Texture Sites with free Textures

Get Objects

Get scenes

Get Plugins 


What do you want to do in 3d

Good wisdom about ways to make money in Blender


Character Design

Product Design -

Steps to Creating a 3D Environment



Styles choose a style for your Animation or Image

How to make Ghibli and Stylized Animations


3d or 2d Blender does both

Claymation, you can do Ardman (Wallace and Grommit, and Shawn the Sheep) Style claymation in Blender.

Concept Art Style

Gleb describes 14 different styles. Looks like he's mostly using the compositor in blender to achieve this. Interesting was the minecraft look which used a modifer.





Watch this video before you do any CG. 



Making an animation has a lot of the same principles of Film Making. This person describes the types of shots and uses of.  For now skip the part about microphones, He talks about lighting also. 



Learn Color Theory

Learn Lighting


Learn Story telling



Learn Basic Camera Shots


Learn Composition


Good video on composition. 


Learn to Get Funded