Free Stuff

Unreal assets worth in the HUNDREDS!! - Make sure to get your free monthly UNreal assets!

on the site you will find under unreal every first of the months tuesday

freebies for unreal.

5 of them

sometimes worth hundreds of dollars.

sometimes not.

but its consistent and every month - after a few years of collecitng you will have a large library of unreal assets!!


do it.

Lidar and Scanning your Objects and scenes

Lidar Scanning you can scan objects or scenes.  

Get 3d Objects

free model


Places to get 3d objects  Some are free


You can scan objects using an Apple Ipad pro with Lidar.

You can scan objects using a camera and Photo scanning software.


Textures Sites


Textures list

Free 3D Texture Sites


Blender Plugins

add  Place to get plugins for blender.

Model or Aquire Objects

Create your own objects or Buy or get objects