Sites that have great ideas on Lighting


Youtube Videos:


This video shows the basic 3 point Lighting setup.  (Save time using the Tri-lighting plugin, look in the settings plugins to add)


Beginner lighting ideas Blender guru has good ideas on lighting for beginners. View this video first. Watch his whole series on lighting.


10 Tips to make Your 3D Render more Cinematic - YouTube Cgboost has excellent Expert advice on lighting and scene setup Described in an Easy manner.  He also uses multiple cameras.


How to Create a Night Scene | Blender 2.8 | Lighting - YouTube tutorials are very very logical and informative.


What lights there are in Blender, Point, Sun, Area, Spot


Lighting 3D Characters for Storytelling byCgboost.  Great lighting tips and when to use certain lighting setups.


Volumetric Lighting  Fog and Clouds add mood to your scene.

Creating a Flame for a torch



Lighting with drivers  This I found was a very informative video on LIghting and using drivers to animate lights. 


Volumetric Flame for a torch