Youtube videos on Creating Objects or Scenes

Project tutorials -  these are the tuts that yield an asset when you're done - from asteroids to medieval towns.



 How to Create a Low Poly Tree in 1 Minute -- Uses some of the ideas in the above link.  Watch the above link first Then make a tree using this method. 

Blender Plugins Review

Cg art

Awesome Features of Blender extended by Plugins

Go here for lists of plugins in blender.

GitHub - agmmnn/awesome-blender: 🪐 A curated list of awesome Blender addons, tools, tutorials; and 3D resources for everyone. For tons of great plugins

How to use these plugins and reviews by Youtubers


Plugins that are preinstalled with Blender that should be turned on.


This was originally the helix building project, but afterwards I added a mixamo motions to an Evangelion and rendered some action shots.  I then edited them together in Resolve.