Render Cycles and Eevee Denoising  Cycles x is faster than cycles.  Yay. 


If you are getting the dreaded cpu out of memory error, try this first:

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Blender Modifiers


 He explains what each modifer does, I think in blender 2.8

 Lots of tips about modifiers, and seeing the examples he has helps you understand what they do.

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Sculpting and Character Design

Character design in blender These Videos show how to make a character


Blender has a video describing how to make a stylized character.  Beginner to expert concepts. 

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Blender Plugins Review

Cg art

Awesome Features of Blender extended by Plugins

Go here for lists of plugins in blender.

GitHub - agmmnn/awesome-blender: 🪐 A curated list of awesome Blender addons, tools, tutorials; and 3D resources for everyone. For tons of great plugins

How to use these plugins and reviews by Youtubers


Plugins that are preinstalled with Blender that should be turned on.

City with Flying Car and Robot


This shot was done using Blender and Davinci Resolve.

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