Sculpting and Character Design

Sculpting and Character Design

Character design in blender These Videos show how to make a character


Blender has a video describing how to make a stylized character.  Beginner to expert concepts. 



Create a Cartoony Bear. 2 part series Part 2  Uses Placed images directly in Blender




Create Base Meshes to start your sculpting  Grant Abbit's videos are very good.



Character design in blender using make human program as a basemesh.



This video is also in the style page.  He creates a toon character. 


Great how to make a character (Fuzzy Characters that look awesome)




Cggeek Goes over pretty much every aspect of character Design

Blocking out a character, Sculpting Details, retopology, UV unwraping, Vertex painting, Vertex Dirty shader,  Texture, and Baking


How to make a realistic troll.






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