Become a pateron to futher help support this site

Become a pateron to futher help support this site

If you want to help us monetarily use the links below. This will help me pay for hosting, purchase plugins for unbiased reviews, create more Tutorial recipes and make Youtube tutorials myself. If you would like a review on a plugin, or have a You tube video you think is Awesome, please also email me @

There are several ways you can support this website:  An Example of what you get by supporting me are on this page.  I created a review of this excellent add on.

 My Patreon page .




We Use the website to collaborate together with multiple people.  It has a chat function, and generous amount of space.  You can drag and drop files, and download multiple files as one zip and that's that's for free.  Check it out at Here.



FoxRenderFarm has a deal, if you sign up, you get 25$ in free renders.  Here.


Please consider using these affiliate links if you purchase any items. It won't cost you anything extra, but it will help me run this site.  Blender Hardware recommendations - This page recommends what computers you need to run blender.


If you have a great tutorial or plugin and want to add this to the site, add a comment or email me.


If your going to do 3d, your going to be sitting for long periods of time. Take breaks, walk around, get some water. And get something for your body. My brother bought this cushion while he's sitting doing 3d or editing.



Power Supply


Nvidia 3090 with 24gb vram


M.2 Harddrive


Cpu Cooler

Case fans

Windows 10

Viewsonic 1440p Curved 27"


Apple is making its new Ipads and Iphones with Lidar. Watch what the new ipad pro can do here.  Important because they also are making software that scans 3d objects. Easily populate your 3d scenes with objects,  You can not only scan objects, but entire scenes too. Get an Ipad pro and 3d scan any object for your projects.


If you don't want to build a computer you can buy one complete.  Today that seems the best way to get a Nvidia 3060.


Amd Based Machines

7950x with 4090 $4000

4070ti amd 5950 $2400



Or Intel Based Machines





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