Start Using Unreal Engine 5

Start Using Unreal Engine 5


A lot of this looks incredible.


Get Unreal Engine 5 here. Unreal is free. You must download epic games launcher first.

Unreal Sensi is very helpful for new users and Blender Users.  He goes over basics about how to view the objects in the viewport and similarities and differences between Unreal and Blender.    I like the f key and end key to focus on an object (Like the . key on the numpad in blender)  The end key places an object on a surface.   Blender already has something like this when you drag something from the asset browser, and it snaps to a surface.   This tutorial shows snapping functions also in unreal.  He also goes over how the file system works, and the difference between File formats.   Hint buy a big Hard drive for Unreal projects.   I didn't know how efficient blender was with linked files.   He shows how to use the materials library, which is very close to the Asset library in Blender, drag and drop.   He explains how to import objects (fbx format only, for now?)  and create a scene.   The video is 4 hours long so maybe watch in the evenings for several nights. (so you can sleep on the knowledge)    


This video has a lot of good info about making a game in Unreal.  




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