Why do you want to do Computer Graphics?

People have a yearn to create.  Be it for arts sake and to make money, or to make a statement.


Ai, and good jobs.  CG GURU talks about what skills will always be in demand to help future proof your choices.

Safe jobs, critical thinking, wide skill, niche tasks, Art Direction, Project Management, Good generalists, Programmers, Freelancers





Make art Some people just want to make art..


Sell Objects Make objects you can sell online.

3d Printing - Blender can make objects that you can 3d print.

Tutorials Make Informative videos on Youtube.com


Sell Scenes Make Scenes you can sell online

Freelance - Make a contract with your clients, Organize your project, Buy as many assets and or plugins as possible to make the project go faster, Make sure you have all the things you need to do the project, Assets, computers, people.

Jobs Get a job at ILM  Creative Blog talks about what it takes to get a job at ILM, Should you know 2d and 3d?  Should you be able to draw?  Ask yourself Why do you want to learn 3d

Make Your Own Short or Movie.