When you start a project, always get reference first.  This will guide you through the process.  You can go back to an  image and ask yourself how do I make that, or I like this style, or that looks a certain way.  Without reference your guessing.  Don't. Real world video, real world items are used as reference to go beyond and make imaginary seem  Real.  How does granite or marble look like in real life?  How does a fruit look? Use google images, or bing, or youtube.  Some images can inspire also.


You can import images as a plane in blender, and turn off the render view, (The camera icon in collections) and have the reference images right in blender,  or use another program like Pure Ref.   

Just drag and drop in Pureref

Here are some reference items.


A train hitting a truck.


Explosions, This video has 5 items, but 2 that are good reference are the first explosion, and at time 7.15 which shows an explosion at sea.


Tornado,  This would require particle systems, and smoke simulations, and lots of debris collections.

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