How to do claymation in BLender

SouthernShotty on youtube has really embraced the claymation look.


This is another awesome style Claymation by SouthernShotty


Setting up a scene using claymation like style by SouthernShotty.


Claymation Tips by SouthernShotty


Claymation with 2d animated face by SouthernShotty


He uses animations for the screen by SouthernShotty


This Tutorial uses KeyMesh a free plugin to help make Claymation type Animations.  Keymesh allows you to make keyframes of changes in your mesh, and sculpts.  I like how he uses a modifier to make the Suzanne head more clay looking. He doesn't go into texutring, use one of the above videos for that, but he just uses a clay image found at here.    He also has a tip about using the color management tool in film and set to false color to make sure the object isn't overexposed.(Then set back to film)  (Useful) . He then animates the sculpts of the mouth using KeyMesh. (Brilliant) 

So This is interesting, but only good for small Animations.  The next tutorial might Use the Pose library for Bigger Projects.


FruitZeus has great ideas about lipsync.  He Uses Geometry nodes to create an interface for quickly selecting Mouth Phenomes.  I think geometry nodes is where it's at.   This setup shows the power of geometry nodes using the switch node. And an Id field.  He shows that if you google Phenomes and make simple shapes for the mouth and teeth and tongue, You can easily keyframe lip sync animations.


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