Ken Mayes is creating Star Trek Fan Stories in Great depth and detail using Blender!

Ken Mayes is creating Star Trek Fan Stories in Great depth and detail using Blender!

Bridge scene created by Ken in blender

interior of the shimanoKen Mayes a texan Blender user is creating entire Fan fiction short stories using blender. He's written and created static visuals for his short story titled "Rescue of the Albatros".

Ken's vfx abilities skyrocketed when he purchased a hpz800 with 96 gigs and 12 cores.  While not a power house it only cost $600 bucks and allows him to really tap deep into blender becuase of all that extra ram!!

Here's what Ken told digitaltreats when we ask him about himself.

My name is Ken Mayes. I used to dabble with 3D back in the nineties with Imagine on the old Amiga platform. Then I fell away from it for about a decade until I discovered Blender in 2012. I believe 2.4 was the first version I used, though I'm not absolutely sure. Anyway, I've been trying to keep pace with advancements in Blender (though 2.79b is my favorite version for modelling in). As far as material goes, I tend to work mostly with Trek material, as I've been a Trek fan since the late of the original Trekkies. I also dabble in Space Battleship Yamato, Galactica and a few other franchises. I did some FX work for the Starship Yorktown fan film which George Takai starred in and which won several awards. I'm particularly proud of that. In addition to Blender, I've also used SweetHome3D, Makehuman and Gimp in various degrees.


More of Kens artwork can be seen here at his Artstation account -


You can visit kens youtube channel here -

Some of his videos -




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