How to Make, Rig, and animate a Mech

How to Make, Rig, and animate a Mech


The Alive series from a Blender master animator.  His Mech sequence looks great.


Interesting Mech design.  Great walk cycle, Could use secondary animations in the hydraulics.



This person shows several types of joints, and basic sketching of mechs. Great ideas for designing parts for a kitbash.

I like the idea of quickly sketching the shape of your mech design first.  Then when you like the Silhouette start making a more detailed sketch. The most iconic Mechs have memorable Silhouettes.



Gundams are iconic, here are some references.


Lots of different styles and sizes of robots.

Transformers, Mostly detailed humanoid Robots.



Nice tips about how to kit bash.  

Free Kit bash libraries.

Timelapse of actually making a mech with the free kitbash kits he has in his links.   Nicely done.

He goes over some tips when modeling, especially snapping, and aligning objects (like kit bash parts) to the Mech, or in his case a motorcycle.  


In one video he shows you how to model a mech, and then texture the mech, and then rig the mech.  I love Critical Giant Tutorials.


How to Animate a mech.   To the point and informative. Make a simple walk cycle, and have the Mech follow a curve.


How to add secondary animation using modifiers.


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