Stylized Anime like art styles

Stylized Anime like art styles

Ghibli Style anime

If you want to make anime in Blender you can.  Other Styles are Pencil, Realistic, Cartoony, Claymation.

A history of Ghibli Style Animation, Where he got inspiration, his process.   I Loved his earlier movies like Laputa and Nausica.


Shader Ghibli cloud shader for Blender 2.9 (  Make anime style clouds in 2d.  Renders super fast.


Clouds in a night sky  Anime style never looked so good. Not Ghibli but very anime like.


How to Create Ghibli Trees in 3D - Blender Tutorial - YouTube



How to Create Ghibli Clouds in 3D - Blender Volumetrics Tutorial - YouTube  in 3d  Super fast using single panes. 


Tutorial: Ghibli/Breath of the wild Anime Stylized Grass in Blender (Cycles only) - YouTube Could be right out of Laputa


Another Grass tutorial. 


Tutorial: Stylized waterfall in Blender - YouTube Animated waterfall, looks just like anime.  Very Nice

Stylized water stream with sunlight reflection that can be moved.


Tutorial: Ghibli/anime style ocean in Blender - YouTube (neat uses single planes of images)


Anime style water

Awesome Looking Anime Water splash.


He uses a stylized hatch effect on the Nausica Insect Creature.  Looks awesome. 


Anime Style Shaders

You can get this node group shader for free here.  Pretty good group node. He shows you how to use the node group in this video.  Looks Cartoony, Get to your anime fast.


Get the test mesh here.





Wow, this guys Shader skills are Awesome.  He shows you how to make anime style hair using shaders.   Or you can buy his shader.  - Beginner 











I think this persons Style is very anime like, using nodes and shaders.



This is a very interesting shading style using Nodes, One could use this style for a background where a color character enters or vice a versa



This sort of shader could make your anime literally look like a manga comic. 


This is a hatching, etching style.  Depending on the lighting, is the strength of the lines.  He goes into the details. He uses math nodes, and explains why.  He uses math multiply to make the values smaller with a value less than 1, and instead of mixrgb, is using math nodes to combine textures.











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