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Fall's Spirit of France

19 hours 58 minutes ago
So I’m back in France since the begining of 2021, after 2 years in Canada. and I wanted to sculpt a feeling while watching birds coming in my garden at this moment of the year. So here is the Fall’s spirit of France, a tiny yet curious and brave little bird.

"We will show them all" (Jinx Arcane)

19 hours 58 minutes ago
I have been playing League of Legends for 10 years and for many years the community has been asking for a series/anime. I can say that it is by far the best series I have seen this year. I love the designs, Jinx being one of the ones I like the most and that's why I've decided to make a fanart of her. I hope you like the final result :) You can follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bl4cklotuzz

Shark Warrior

3 days 22 hours ago
the warrior shark was made for the SIZ 2021 challenge that consisted in creating a sea creature, fortunately I was the winner of the challenge, I feel very proud to win a contest for the first time, it was a nice experience to test the creativity and get out of the comfort zone, I hope you like it greetings link link to the contest awards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OFCn5NEqD4&t=2227s

All alone

3 days 22 hours ago
Lighting with a pleasant atmosphere along with color can have attractive properties instagram: mohammad.rz.ak
1 hour 45 minutes ago
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