This tutorial shows how to make your landscape look more natural.  He creates masks for the factors of mixshaders that define the near, mid, and far areas.   Then he changes the scale of the texture he is using for the ground.  He also shows how to use a masks for the mountains. 

Motion Capture from a Web camera (free)

I found a website called Plask.  (an .ai website?)   You can upload a character with a basic rig, and the webpage will allow you to take video from your webcam and extract the motion.   

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How I made the entry to the Mythology cgboost contest

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 I made this entry into the Cgboost Mythology Contest.Mythology



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How to add realism to your environment

This tutorial talks about a scene done in cinema4d, but most of the ideas can be used in any 3d program.  

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Ceiling Fixture

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I made this image by following this tutorial.

ceiling fixture



I used this tutorial here, 

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