Quickly add details and atmosphere with photoshop


This person describes the whole process he did to make a fantasy landscape.  He blocked out the shapes for his idea, and then added some elements like a picture of a hiker, some landscapes, and textures them, and then lights, and adjusted his camera.    He then goes over all the steps he did in photoshop which were straight forward.  I'm sure you could use gimp or something like that also.  Overall a very nice tutorial.  The addition of photoshop really makes the image much nicer.



When you start a project, always get reference first.  This will guide you through the process.  You can go back to an  image and ask yourself how do I make that, or I like this style, or that looks a certain way.  Without reference your guessing.  Don't. Real world video, real world items are used as reference to go beyond and make imaginary seem  Real.  How does granite or marble look like in real life?  How does a fruit look? Use google images, or bing, or youtube.  Some images can inspire also.


Plugin Camera Shakify

Where to get the Camera Shakify Addon

You can get the Camera Shakify add-on on Github . Click the green button, and click download zip. It is always good to check if there are newer versions and to read instructions.


This camera lets you get that Ian Hubart sytyle camera shaking easily.  I've tried to replicate his style by using the graph editor and using the noise modifer, but with out much success.  But this plugin really helped.

How to make Space Ship Interiors




Chong made a superb Tutorial in which he makes and animates a Sci Fi Corridor.  He models all the parts needed, (He uses a Boolean approach.)  An important tip is how he keeps the models to 1 meter, and sets the origin points to the lower right of the models so he can tile them later in geometry nodes.